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Who: Song, Seph, and an unconscious Aria
What: Trying to wake up the unconscious Aria... the only way Song knows how.
Where: Rainbow's End
When: this is probably backdated to a day or two after Seph's brought Aria back

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And things

Aug. 14th, 2012 03:09 am
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Who: Aria and Seph
What: Um... stuff?
Where: Traverse Town
When: Around 10:00 PM August 13
Note/warnings: \o.o/ Um... Squishyness? Complete.

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Who: Song, Seph, and Jalen
What: It's time for another little "talk" with Medrau
When: Wednesday night, July 25
Where: Rainbow's End, Song's headspace
Posting Order: Whoever replies first determines the cycle

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Who: Medrau
What: Not brooding
Where: In the back of Song's mind
When: Sometime this week. It matters not.
Notes: Just that it's quite short.

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Who: Song and Amy
What: It's a Warding party! Okay, not really.
Where: Rainbow's End
When: July 16th

Books were scattered over the table in the library, along with a few other odds and ends useful for warding a structure. It'd taken them a couple days, but Amy was almost sure they had the right books now. Finding a warding spell that wouldn't have some sort of side effect was a little difficult; the first couple that she found drained the caster as long as they were in effect. Then again, that spell came from the same book as Barrier. Total last resort she'd told herself, and closed the book. The spell she was wrinkling her nose at now didn't have that problem, but she really wished they knew what Mabry had used. Asking her was always an option, but who knew when she'd be able to get back to them? Song's hair was turning black, Awiergan was showing up in places she didn't belong. They needed to do this now, even if reinforcing the current wards with another kind of magic wasn't the best idea.

"So do you wanna go with this one," And here she wiggled the book in Song's direction. "Or the one you found? And seriously, if we need to burn Sage for any of this, you're on your own. Yeeach."
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Who: Amy and Awiergan
What: The usual annoyance makes a surprise visit.
Where: Dreamland
When: July 5th
Notes: Nothing, really. But she should've asked...

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Who: Amy, Jalen, Eli, Ashlyn, Larkin
What: Story time!
Where: Rainbow's End
When: Wednesday, June 27

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Who: Medrau and Voices
When: a few nights after Medrau was violently assaulted by Song
Where: A place that is not a place
Note: I'm not making a second lj. I'm too lazy.

Darkness snaked outward from the Stone. It had waited too long for its purpose to be fulfilled. Many of those who once had linked it it were gone, out of its reach. Only two thread remained. The dominant one had waned recently, and the Stone's power reached out to it, seeking the servant who had gone astray.

It found her deep within her other self and injured gravely.

"Weak." "Poor child, whatever have you done to yourself?" "Pathetic." "No worse than you deserve, traitor child." "Go away." "The heart has taken substantial damage, likely from a psychic wound of an internal source." The voices came all at once, overlapping and strange. Only the first voice was strong, the others scarcely more than echoes.
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Who: Song and Medrau
What: When they say "internal monologue", this probably isn't what they mean.
Where: Song's head
When: horrendously backdated... something like two weeks ago. The night Mabry left.

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Who: Amy and Jalen
What: The sap, it burns!
Where: Rainbow's End
When: Wednesday Night, June 6th

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Who: Amy and Song
What: Surprise!
Where: Rainbow's End
When: Wednesday June 6th, morning

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May. 28th, 2012 07:54 pm
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Who: Seph
What: Nightmare
Where: Bed
When: Night
Notes/warnings: Um... I don't even know. Creepiness?

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Who: Amy, Awiergan, and Jalen
What: Making a deal with the Devil...sorta.
Where: Amy's mind, later Rainbow's End
When: Late night on May 17th, after this.

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Who: Medrau, Amy, semi-open
What: Medrau's after the last Fallen World. Amy's job is to get it first.
Where: Land of Dragons
When: Saturday night
Notes: Just so you know, I won't stop anyone from joining in if you really wanted to follow Amy here.
Also I apologize for slowness. I seem to have no energy this week.

Medrau waited at the foot of the mountain path, humming a tune that wrote itself as it went. She'd been here for about a day now, just to be sure a sure someone didn't slip in ahead of her. She was pretty much certain the Fallen World stone was just up this mountain. She could feel its Darkness pulling at her, and it would have been simple enough to go up and get it herself, but this game with Awiergan was simply too great a temptation.

She still wasn't certain if it was her unwanted compatriot coming, or her inconvenient Other, but the latter would be just that much more fun. What she hadn't warned Awiergan, or known herself at the time, was that something else had been drawn in by the stone's miasma. If Awiergan didn't come to help, then Amy could serve as a needed distraction. Either way, Medrau had it all figured out.

At least, she liked to think so.
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Who: Jalen and Amy
What: Discussing an insane idea someone had while talking to Seph.
Where: Rainbow's End
When: Same day as this.

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What: Talking About Amy
When: Sunday afternoon
Who: Mabry and Jalen
Where: The kitchen and Rainbow's End

Wet, dreary spring days made Mabry feel like baking. The heat of the oven seemed almost enough to make the chilly rain retreat, and the fire in the kitchen hearth was comforting as well. And she needed that comfort today, not merely for the rain, but because of the disquiet that she had felt in her own home recently.

Besides with two small children in the house, nothing she baked would ever go uneaten.

She sang quietly to herself, slightly off-key, as she slid the pan of gingerbread into the oven. Shortbread next, she decided and drew another mixing bowl from a cabinet. She tried to focus on the spicy smell now emanating from the oven and not on the conversation she knew was coming.
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Who: Jalen, Amy Awiergan, and a sleeping Ladybug
What: Taunting
Where: Rainbow's End
When: After this

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